Vinayak Deshpande


Welcome to my website! 

I am currently a Development Engineer at Leonardo Canada Electronics

I graduated from Concordia University in Summer 2021 with my Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, publishing my thesis in the field of Model Predictive Control Theory. 

Previously, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree also in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University. That is where I discovered my interest in control theory, modeling and simulation of vehicle dynamics, through experience working with the NEUDOSE Satellite Team

Highlights of Qualifications:

Thank you for visiting my webpage! Links to my YouTube, GitHub and Udemy are above. Please use the Contact section to get in touch with me. I look forward to connecting with you.

Projects (click to view)

Motion Planning Algorithm Visualizer (web app)

Sonar Detection System (C++, Qt, Arduino)

Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree projects

Motion Planning (Pathfinding) Free Udemy Course (RRT, RRT*)