Vinayak Deshpande


I graduated in 2021 with my Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. During my master's studies, I had the great opportunity to work under Professor Youmin Zhang at the Controls and Simulation Laboratory and perform research in the field of Model Predictive Control (MPC) with Fault Detection (FD) for linear systems.

I obtained my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Co-op at McMaster University in 2018, in the small town of Hamilton, Canada. During this time I worked as a summer research assistant at the McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute and spent a brief amount of time working on the NEUDOSE Satellite Project. I also run a YouTube Channel, VDEngineering where I teach various Engineering concepts.

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Motion Planning Algorithm Visualizer (web app)

Company Manager Desktop App (C++ and Qt)

A Hotel Reservation System (Python)

Motion Planning (Pathfinding) Free Udemy Course (RRT, RRT*)


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